Understanding Fucoidan

Brown seaweed is the largest type of seaweed in terms of size. Fucoidan is extracted from the slimy components from brown seaweed through which the monosaccharide structure of fucose and sulfate is transformed into a polysaccharide that primarily consists of fucose and sulfate. The slimy components obtained through this extraction and purification process is called “Fucoidan".

Fucoidan is effective in preventing diseases, inhibiting abnormal cells, soothing the side effects of electrotherapy and chemotherapy, improving immunity, and anti-inflammation, as well as those suffering from body dysfunction. The latest research reports released have received positive recognition from the medical community.



Disease prevention is the best cure

Today we should pay more attention to the prevention of diseases rather than how to cure them. The best way to prevent disease is to enhance the self-healing ability of our body. Therefore, it is important that we eat healthy food and supplementary nutritional. We are living a longer life but we also want to live healthily.

Modern people use computers, mobile phones and electronic products everyday. The potential impact of radiation generated by these devices on the human body cannot be ignored. The accumulation of radiation in the body hinders the metabolism of cells. If these cells continue to grow under this environment, the chance to cause cancer could be high.

Organic fucoidan has strong anti-radiation effects and can also help prevent the body from absorbing harmful heavy metals such as lead. After taking fucoidan, a gel layer will be formed inside our body. This gel layer can help dissolve the toxins deposited in the cells and eliminate the radioactive elements in the body. This result also help soothen the side effects of patients receiving radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment.

Today we can find reports and case studies from different regions showing that organic fucoidan can help improve health.

Note: Fucoidan is a health supplement and cannot replace the medicine prescribed by a doctor. Those who take it should also take the medicine prescribed by the doctor according to the doctor's instructions or consult a doctor before using the product.


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